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A rare, incredible, unforgettable woman. When Olivia walks, heads turn – in blatant lust and envy. With long, flowing brown hair complementing the sly twinkle in her eye; the slight, sexy smile on her lips; the sway of her hips as she moves with a dancer's grace, Olivia is charged with a striking sensuality. Her tight, petite body, combined with the elegance and confidence she carries herself with, ensures that Olivia looks spectacular in anything she wears, whether it's a tank top and jeans, an evening gown, or sexy lingerie. Engage her in conversation and you will discover her to be well-read, articulate, and intelligent. Yet a killer combination of beauty and brains doesn't detract from her personality: Olivia possesses a lovely smile, a genuine easy-going warmth, and a great sense of humour to boot. Strongly recommended for the discerning gentleman who wants nothing but the best: an unforgettable experience with an amazing, gorgeous lady.

Age: 21
Height: 1.57, 5'3"
Weight: 45kg
Stats: 34B 25 32
Race: Singaporean Chinese

Language: Excellent English, Mandarin

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The crème de la crème: prestigious, glamorous, stylish, and sexy – Celestial is the perfect babe to flaunt at any event. A rising star in the modelling and entertainment scene, Celestial has been featured on the covers of several magazines with good reason. Tall and svelte, with gorgeous curves wrapped in satiny skin; delightfully adorable dimples on a beautiful face when she smiles, and a sugary-sweet voice you'll want to listen to all night. And yet Celestial is no arrogant, shallow bimbo either. Street-smart, down-to-earth, sensible and genuinely sweet, being in the company of this beauty will make you the envy of every man in the room.

Age: 19
Height: 1.70m, 5'7"
Weight: 50kg
Stats: 36C 24 34
Race: Singaporean Chinese

Occupation: Magazine model, Entertainer, Student
Language: Excellent English, Mandarin

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A charming, vivacious young lady with attractive good looks to match, Chloe's delightful sense of humour and gorgeous smile will have you warming up to her quickly. Outgoing, lively, and friendly by nature, Chloe makes for a great conversationalist, while her curvaceous body, sultry gaze and sexy smile completes her package as a great companion.

Age: 21
Height: 1.65m, 5'5"
Weight: 52kg
Stats: 34B-26-32
Race: Singaporean Chinese

Language: Excellent English

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An attractive combination of feminine charm, a level-headed sensibility, confidence, and yet a sweet simplicity. Elynna is a lady whose easy going, self-assured manner and interest in current affairs, sports, and novels make her easy to like and converse with. With her fair complexion, very long straight hair highlighted a copper brown, and slim body, Elynna is a beauty to boot, and very new to escorting as well. Make a date to become one of her privileged clients...

Age: 25
Height: 1.55m, 5'1"
Weight: 44kg
Stats: 34A-26-34
Race: Singaporean Malay

Occupation: Accountant
Language: Good English, Bahasa Melayu, Basic Mandarin

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Very pretty, and very slim. Cynthia is entirely new to this business and is only available exclusively to select clients at this time. Has the poise of a model, and a sweet fresh attitude not often found in escorts in Singapore.

Age: 23
Height: 1.70m, 5'7"
Weight: 48kg
Stats: 32B-25-35
Race: Chinese

Education: Diploma in Service Management
Occupation: Student
Language: Excellent English, Mandarin

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Elegant, polished, womanly and bold, Juliana's presence is magnetically seductive, yet comfortingly sincere. Stunningly multi-talented, Juliana is a singer, actress, model and host by profession, and her personality as an entertainer is just as vibrant and warm as in person. Her slim, athletic body is replete with tempting curves and her confident good looks complete the package for the gentleman in search of an impeccable companion.

Age: 26
Height: 1.60m, 5'3"
Weight: 45kg
Stats: 34C 24 34
Race: Singaporean Chinese

Occupation: Model, Performer, Actress and Singer
Language: Excellent English

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With her seductive good looks and confident smile, this model beauty is fully aware of her effect on men. Lynn is a head-turner, with her lithe body, long ebony hair, pouty lips, and sultry stare. Her physical appeal is also complemented by her spirited personality - full of youthful candour and charm, and refreshingly unpretentious despite her glamorous occupation, Lynn makes for an enjoyable conversationalist. Lynn is in high demand, so call early to avoid disappointment.

Age: 22
Height: 1.61m, 5'3"
Weight: 45kg
Stats: 32B 25 32
Race: Singaporean Chinese

Occupation: Model, Student
Language: Good English, Mandarin

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Michelle is a very rare thing: a delightfully slim and beautiful Singaporean escort with a great bust. Very new, but one of the sexiest escorts we've seen.

Age: 20
Height: 1.65m, 5'5"
Weight: 47kg
Stats: 34B
Race: Singaporean Chinese

Language: Excellent English, Mandarin

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Octavia has wonderfully cute, pixie-like facial features, and a body crafted with equal attention to healthy tone and feminine grace. She reads voraciously, and will surprise you with knowledge and insight in many subjects spanning art and science. In fact, nothing turns her on more than a man with a brain...

Age: 21
Height: 1.54m, 5'1"
Weight: 41kg
Stats: 32B 24 29
Race: Singaporean Chinese

Education: Media Degree
Occupation: Student
Language: Excellent English, moderate Chinese

To spend some time with Octavia, call us on +6584521260